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You might be told many stories & will be given lots of well meaning advice from friends & family about the the driving test, some of which will be wrong. Here are a few of the most common.

'The examiners have a quota and are only allowed to pass so many people per day/week."

No this is NOT true. Each examiner will conduct up to seven tests a day. If all seven drive at the correct standard then they all pass. It does not matter what time or day you are tested. This story has always been told by candidates who fail their test. Naturally if you fail you might find it hard to blame yourself and prefer to blame the examiner or his "pass quota!".

"Have your mirror off-set so the examiner can see your head movements."

No. Your main rear-view mirror must be correctly set. If it is then you only need to move your eyes. Examiners & instructors are trained to observe your eye movements. If you make exaggerated head movements you may be asked if your mirror is correctly positioned. (Head movements will obviously occur when using door mirrors). The key to passing on mirrors is TIMING. Use them well before any change in speed or position.

"Drive extra slow on your test to show how "safe" you are."

No. Just drive as you have been taught. Your examiner will want to see you make normal progress depending on the road & weather conditions. If it is only safe to do 20mph then do so, but where you have a higher speed limit then, if safe, demonstrate that you are used to keeping up with the traffic flow.

"Your instructor thinks you are not ready, but why not do the test anyway to gain experience?"

No. Listen to your instructor's advice. If he/she tells you that you are not ready then wait. If you disagree then book a lesson with another instructor for a second opinion. If you insist on doing the test then you will have to use your own vehicle. You are ready if you are able to consistently perform the set exercises & drive correctly without making anyone else change speed or position because of your actions. Your instructor may give you Mock Tests to see if you are ready. Get to this standard and then apply. You will have a much higher chance of passing then booking your test early and hoping to be ready.

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