Independent driving: Included in the driving test from Oct 2010 - the facts

Independent driving will become part of the practical driving test in Great Britain in October 2010.

It's tasking the candidate to drive for about 10 minutes, either following a series of directions, following traffic signs, or a combination of both.

To help the candidate be clear about where they're going, the examiner can show them a diagram too.

It doesn't matter if candidates don't remember every direction, or if they go the wrong way - that can happen to the most experienced drivers.

Newspaper reports

The claim in some newspapers that independent driving would lead to a fall in the driving test pass rate is based on early research where conditions did not reflect the eventual design of the new element of the test.

Subsequent trials with a larger number of participants and more closely reflecting the conditions in the planned new test showed no significant fall in the pass rate.

Video showing independent driving.....


The driving test lasts just under 40 minutes and will cover a wide variety of roads including dual carriageways (where available), town centre, rural roads, villages again depending on location of the test centre. You will be asked to complete 2 manoeuvres. These will selected out of the following: Reverse around a corner, Reverse parking on the road behind a parked car, Reverse parking into a space at the beginning or end of the test, turn-in-the-road. You might be asked to demonstrate an emergency stop when signalled by your examiner.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

At the start of your test you will be asked some basic safety questions about tyres, checking the oil or lights. For more information see the following link.

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You will be asked to "follow the road ahead, unless road signs or markings tell you otherwise". Most examiners will keep quiet. This is not to intimidate you, but to allow you to concentrate fully on the task.

Your driving test can only be booked after passing the theory test. It should also only be booked when you are at or very close to test standard. Your driving instructor will advise you when you reach this standard.

If you are taking your test in a Driving Ambition car we book the test for you to make sure your instructor and car are both available.

Note:- You will only be permitted to use a driving school car if you are in the opinion of the instructor at a safe test standard. We reserve the right to protect you, your examiner and the public by withdrawing the car and instructor if you insist on doing a test when not ready.

If you are taking the test in your own vehicle and do not need an instructor to accompany you, then you can book the test at a time to suit you.

To book call the Driving Standards Agency on 0300 200 1122

The fee for a car test (week day) is £62.00. This is the Examiners charge and does not include use of a driving school car. You will be charged for a lesson before, the duration of the test, and getting home!

Book your test on-line via the DSA website

After passing your driving test, all new drivers are under a TWO YEAR PROBATIONARY PERIOD. This means that you must not have more than 6 penalty points on your licence. If you get more than 6 points you will revert to provisional licence status and have to drive with L-Plates and re-take the theory and driving test again before you can drive unaccompanied.

Driving Standards Agency Fees - for latest DSA list click here

Correct prices from - 30th March 2009

Theory Test - £31.00 payable to the Driving Standards Agency

Driving Test (Car) Weekdays - £62.00 payable to Driving Standards Agency (examiners fee not including use of a school car)

Driving Test (Car) Saturdays or weekday evenings - £75.00 payable to Driving Standards Agency

Driving Ambition fees: Cash or cheque with valid guarantee card made payable to M Prewett.

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Off road driving .

In early 2003 Driving Ambition became the only Driving School authorised to use the Turweston Aerodrome. Permits are available to allow access to practice what has been taught with parents.

Off Road for under 17's



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